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    Royal Equine Veterinary Clinic

    Bringing out the best in your horse

    Since 2021, the team of professionals at Royal Equine Veterinary Clinic have made it their mission to provide exceptional veterinary care to equine patients around the U.A.E.

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    About Us

    Royal Equine Veterinary Clinic is dedicated to providing the best care for the horses and is
    committed to strengthening our relationships with our clients.
    Established in 2021, Royal Equine Veterinary Clinic offers a full- mobile services 24h
    a day, 365 days a year across the UAE. 
    United Arab Emirates is home to top- level talent in Endurance, Show
    jumping, racing and polo.
    Royal Equine Veterinary Clinic is proud to care for all horses, whether they are an
    olympic level equine or a pleasure horse.

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    Royal Equine Veterinary Clinic


    From general care medicine, dentistry and vaccines, to lameness and performance, Royal Equine Veterinary Clinic target is to provide the best medical options and treatments to bring out and maintain the performance of your horse. Royal Equine Veterinary Clinic is a mobile veterinary practice providing equine services throughout the U.A.E.

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    Emergency Services

    Our staff is on call anytime,24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, including holidays. When you need the assistance of an equestrian veterinarian you need it right away, and we'll always be ready to answer your call.

    In case your horse needs emergency surgery, we will  help & connect you with the best referral equine facilities in the country.

    Health & Wellness

    We can help you keep your horse healthy with:

    • General wellness exams.

    • Consultations.

    • Vaccinations.

    • Dental health (floating).

    • Internal medicine.

    Sports Medicine

    Keeping your horse sound is important for their everyday life and career. Performing a thorough exam is important to help to identify the source of your horse´s lameness & poor performance. We offer:

    • Advanced Lameness Diagnosis and Treatment.

    • Pre-Purchase Exams.

    • ESWT

    • Regenerative therapy.

    • Podiatry.

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    Meet Our Team

    Your horse care expert

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    Medical Staff



    Mr. Hamad Al Mazmi

    Managing Director & Co-Founder of Royal Equine Veterinary Clinic


    Dr. Veronica Sanchez,DVM

    Veterinary Doctor team & Co-Founder Royal Equine Veterinary Clinic


    Dr.Carla Onell. DVM

    Veterinary Doctor.


    Miss M. Rodaina

    Office & administration


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    Contact Us

    X9W9+Q8F - Dubai - United Arab Emirates


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